Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Argghhh Eyepatches! Also an evil little doll

Hi hi!
Here's a small new update on things at [Pink Fuel]. I had a request to make a black heart eyepatch with lace around it and I'm happy how it turned out. It is sculpted so it's pretty eyelash friendly, unless your lashes are very long and dramatic xD:

And since I haven't updated in awhile, I also send a small gift to my awesome update members for being so patient:

Last but not least, my friend Lolli from House of Munster released two new hair styles:

And when you buy a fatpack of any style in her store you also get this Munster doll I exclusively made for her. I present to you: Mangle!

Yes, I tried making something dark and evil to fit Lolli's store theme. I won't lie, it was a challenge xD. Right now orange is the only color available but look out in the future for more cool colors :)

Outfit Credits:
On Mochi: Hair-[Truth], Skin [Lionskins]
On Kaethe/Lolli - Skin [Miasnow and Elfpyre], Tattoo-[Miasnow], Tanktops-[Armidi], Necklaces-[Pink Fuel]

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  1. Thank you fro following my blog!
    I love your shop, I would collect all your eyepatches they're just too cute for words! *_*