Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heart Lollipops!

Hey everyone :D. Unfortunately, school starts for me again on Monday so I wanted to put out one small thing before I go back. I made some heart lollipops in various colors. I'm really happy how the textures came out :)
Each lollipop is RESIZABLE/COLOR CHANGE/TRANS. Yes! Now you can give them out as gifts :). Anyways, on to the pics right?

Also, I like do things for my wonderful group members who use their precious space for my update group >.< . So I made an exclusive heart lollipop for you all and in what other color than pink right? :D This one is only resizable and copy.


Outfit Credits
Skin: Lionskins
Hair: House of Munster-*twinkle*-not yet out

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