Monday, December 22, 2008

Kyoot Deer!

Hi everyone :)

I just released some colorful and whimsical deer. They can be decorative, held, or worn as a shoulder or head pet.

Each deer varies from 6-10 prims. Sitting ones are 6 and the standing ones are 10. They all are copy, color changeable and have a resize script.

Special thanks to Kermit, Katx, Kat and Lolli for helping me out while I was working on them. Now to the pics!

As a holiday special, I've also included a sitting version of Rudolph with a bright glowing nose and antlers. You can get him when you buy the regular deers. The standing and shoulder pet version of him was given away as a group gift.

Outfit Credits
-Dress: katat0nik
-Shirt/Gloves : Royal Blue
-Pants: Armidi
-Skin: D-skin
-Hair: Kin

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