Monday, February 21, 2011

Alternative Body Modifications (Tattoo Layers)

Because many asked for different body types.

Compatible with current Skye, Ember and future skin releases from [Pink Fuel].
NOTE! These only work with purchases made after December 2010 (I updated the bodies that month and set them for sale). If you purchased a skin before that time, just send me a notecard and I will send an update if you prefer ^^

4 different body modifications available now:

Cleavage: Comes with three different types. Featured in the photo is Type 2.

Small Chest: For avatars that prefer more natural and petite curves. Less definition around the chest area and a softer stomach.

Dehancer: No breast shading. For avatars that prefer no definition around the chest area and a softer stomach.

Boi: Slim masculine shading. At the moment, only works for femboy shapes that are female based. Will work with male shapes but may be some distortion.

By the way! Sale on Ember/Skye skin ends March 1st!
Outfit Credits (L to R):
Hair: [e], lamb, Waka & Yuki, Sadistic Hacker
Shorts: League Gym Shorts, Shai boxers
Torso: Linc, My Pinkie Skull, Boom, Mr. Poet
Glasses: Reek
Skin: Work in Progress.

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