Tuesday, June 15, 2010


/o/ finished at last \o\

Ember has now been released in-store. Ember comes in 5 tones: milk, honey, chai, maple, and cocoa:

Ember is more of a handrawn-style skin and one of three upcoming faces (Elly and Basil).

Each skin includes 2-3 eyebrow options (light/dark/red), as well as freckles and a dark hairbase. I've also made cleavage enhancers that go with the Ember skins for 100L each. Or if you already have Ayumi's latest enhancers, she has them matched to the Ember skin tones!

Special thanks to these people for being my beta testers/lab rats/patient peeps: Lili, Kaethe, Axx, Arriah, Ayumi, Danny

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