Saturday, May 8, 2010

[PF] Basil - Fawn Skins

Hi everyone!

My deepest apologies if you visited [Pink Fuel] earlier to only find no Project Themeory item. I originally withdrew from participating this week because of RL but there was a minor miscommunication error between myself and the organizers and I was listed as a participant this week even though I had nothing prepared. I put all the blame on myself and not the organizers for this error. The Project Themeory organizers do a great job of keeping everything running and coming up with interesting themes.

I feel so guilty for all the frustrated people that tp'ed in and waited patiently for everything to rez only to find nothing >__<

So as a "I'm so sorry!" item, I made two deer-themed skins that are a small preview of another skin line I'm working on concurrently called Basil. Each is 75L and include cleavage options and "without deer nose" options.

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