Monday, February 1, 2010

[PF] Snacks and Sweet Hunt + 50L Skins

Hi everyone!

I know it's been awhile. School has sort of taken over any time I've had for SL. However, I wanted to post some items that I have set out this week. The Snacks and Sweets Hunt has officially started today February 1st. For the event, I've set out a Cuppycake collection pack that includes 6 cupcake poses, a mouf cupcake and cupcake thrower. You are looking for a cupcake hidden in the store. Trust me, it's not hard to find. Look for a BIG YELLOW ARROW pointing to it :)

I am also participating in the 50L Valentine's Day Bazaar. Numerous store owners have set out limited edition or marked down items for sale here. Definitely take a look! For the event, I created 3 new makeups for Skye. These will be gone after the event so tp now :D

(Skye - Pink Sugar, Skye - Oopsies, Skye - Girly)

TP to 50L Valentine's Day Bazaar
Mainstore TP:

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  1. I want new stuff and more blog posts! More more more! :-P Seriously, I love your skins and your store. I need more!!

    Camryn Fouroux