Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Donut and A Hunt at Thib

Hi everyone. I made some happy donuts. Why not have fun with your food right?

Each one is sculpted, resizable and handpainted (OMG 3 hours painting donuts @_@ lol). They come in 11 different flavors and are TRANS so you can gift them to friends and loved ones. Members in my update group got a special pink sprinkled one.

Secondly, my sim, Thibedeau where my mainstore is located at is having a "Official" opening sometime this week or next which involves a sim-side story-like hunt with each store participating with a special gift. Here is a sneak preview of mine:

A poisonous lollipop with a little skully in the center. The bow and candy are individually color change. I'll send out another update when I find the exact time the hunt starts.

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